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Bobble Head Doll Accessories:

Personalize your bobble head dolls with unique accessories which sets your bobble
head apart from the rest!

Air Shipping Air Shipping - Rush Orders:

You can have 1 - 300 pieces air shipped to you early. Air shipping is expensive so you should bring in as few as possible. If there is a serious need, then you can ask your project manager about air shipping. Never run out of your personalized bobble head dolls ever again with express air shipping!

Bottom Imprint:

Each bobble head must be stamped on the bottom "Made in China". Along with this your bobble head will say "Hand Made by" For an additional fee, we can include your artwork on the bottom of each bobble head. This will help to better brand your bobble head dolls and to acknowledge ownership of your bobble head dolls. Ask your project manager about this pricing.

Limited Edition Labels

Having a bobble head is fun and cool. Turning your bobble head in to a limited edition collectible is what puts your idea over the top.


Custom Retail Window Box:

Your bobble head quote will include a high quality bobble head, packed in a clear plastic custom clamshell which is shipped in a plain white cardboard box. The cardboard box can have a black imprint on it free of charge. Some clients wish to upgrade to a full color retail window box. This feature is great for showcasing your custom bobble head dolls in a unique retail window box that is guaranteed to turn heads. Ask your project manager about pricing for this.


Level 1 - This style of packaging is included in your quote. Your bobblehead will arrive in a white cardboard box with a window in front. The bobblehead will be in a see through plastic clamshell to protect it during shipping. A one color print will be placed on the back and it can be anything you want. Put your website, company logo, funny saying or whatever you choose. I can do your simple artwork free of charge. If you need a little more help with graphics I can tell you upfront how much extra the artwork charge will be. Standard Bobblehead Box - Level 1 Standard Bobble Head Box - Back - Level 1
Level 2 - This upgrade allows you to print in one color on multiple sides of the box. I will help you layout the artwork with a template so that your message appears how and where you want it. You can include any text, images or logos you want and I'll set up your simple artwork included in this upgrade. Upgraded Bobblehead Box - Front - Level 1 Upgraded Bobblehead Box - Back - Level 2
Level 3 - When you really want to impress, upgrading your bobble head packaging to a full color retail window box, will allow your bobblehead to stand out. You can supply camera ready full color artwork or I can help you with that. Typically the inside of this box would be white but I've even printed on the inside as well to really complete the packaging. Full Retail Window Bobblehead Box - Front - Level 3 Full Retail Window Bobblehead Box - Back - Level 3




Your bobblehead can talk ! Get custom sound put in to the bobble head and watch the amazement on people's faces.
Your bobblehead can deliver any sales message, sing and anything you can imagine !


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If you are not 100% satisfied with my service when working on your Bobble Head design, I will refund 100% of your deposit, no questions asked. Have a look at my 45 day - 5 Point 100% Money Back Guarantee.