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Help - Frequently Asked Questions:

- What is the fastest you can make these?

- Approximately 12 weeks. Shipping times vary contract to contract. A timetable is provided along with your quotation. Normally
the biggest factor in completing a project is the number of revisions during the carving and painting stages, as each set of changes you request can add an extra week to your timeline. The typical steps and duration are:

• Prototype (Sample) Creation Stage - within 4 weeks approximately
• Production Stage - within 12 weeks approximately
• Delivery (local ground shipping) - 3 to 8 days

- What is the cost per piece?

- Your cost per piece can range from $ 3.40 US and up. Most of the orders that go through are low quantities ( 250 - 3,000 pieces ) so are around $ 4.50 - $ 5.25 depending on the quantity you order, the size of the figurine and the complexity of the carving. Get a quote fast by clicking here or the link on the top of every page.

- What is your minimum order?

- Our minimum order is typically 250 pieces. We can make smaller quantities but there are limitations to how the bobble head is packaged and extras that we can include with your order. We provide very high service, so lower quantities tend to be more expensive. Ask a rep about lower quantities after you get a quote.

- Can't you just make one bobble head?

- No we cannot. We are set up to mass produce high quantity of bobble heads but if you know what you want we can make as few as 48 bobbleheads for you. Ask your Project Manager here about some of the limitations when making less then 250 pieces.

- What hidden charges are there that are not included in my quote?

- There are no hidden charges. Your figurine or bobble head doll will show up at your door step and all that you pay is the cost per piece plus shipping, for a local truck to take the toys to your doorstep. We do have additional accessories and upgrades that you can choose which do cost extra but these will be quoted in writing before hand and are entirely optional.

- What happens if they all show up at my door and they are all broken?

- Do not worry about breakage. We have an extremely low incident rate of broken product. Each figurine is carefully packed in a custom fitted plastic clamshell packaging and then placed in it's own card board box. We always make a few extra for you, so in the remote chance that one does break, it is easily replaced. No matter what happens, you only pay for product you receive in good condition.

- Can you make bobble head dolls?
(picture frames/figurines/lamps/clocks)

- We can make anything that you can imagine. Some products may require a higher minimum order especially when they include mechanical, electrical or electronic devices.

- Can you make our boss (teacher/professor/coach/president) in to a bobble head?

- Yes, of course no problem. You will be impressed with the likeness. The whole process works best if you supply a front, side and rear photo of the person, along with a brief description of their most 'outstanding' physical or visual traits. As long as you can satisfy the minimum order of 250 pieces we can make almost anything you can imagine.

- Can you make plastic figurines or action figures?

- Yes and No. We can make plastic action figures, but the majority of our customers cannot afford it. Plastic pieces require an expensive metal mold which drives your minimum order well above 25,000 - 50,000 pieces. This minimum order is required to satisfy the up front costs.


- What sizes are available?

Everything I manufacture is custom made just for you, so it will be any size you want. Typically a bobblehead is 7" tall but I can make your bobblehead 3 inches or 3 feet. Whatever you want. You might look through the gallery to view some different types I've made in the past. You can have multiple people on one base, objects, pets, or whatever you want. Sizing directly relates to price so check with me if you want a different size. My quote page will handle most typical size choices.

- What restrictions are there on color?

There is no limit to the number of colors you can have on your figurine or bobblehead. I can even paint with metallic colors. You will want to consider that every bobblehead is hand painted so the more complex the painting work the more expensive the bobblehead will be. It's a good idea to have the carving more complex, since I only have to carve it once, and then a mold is used to make each bobblehead.

- How many prototypes can I get?

I typically only make one prototype per design. So if you want five members for your rock band, I'll make those five different designs. I typically do not send two or three copies of a prototype since my designers need to move on to the next project. When you're happy with your design then it's time to go in to production.

If you see aspects of your prototype, then of course I'm happy to make changes and send you a new prototype. By going through my proven system, of sketches, carving, painting and then final approval, you'll find that any issues would be worked out by the time the final prototype is completed.


- What is your guarantee?

(might simply link to a separate page - similar to this )

Where are you located?

I have my mailing address in New York, NY as well as in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I'm equally comfortable dealing with our friends to the North as I am with fellow USA companies. My pricing is quoted in US$ but if you need a quote in another currency, please let me know.

Can I get a free sample?

Yes, of course. Give me a call to discuss your needs. I'll get your company contact information and send out a sample for you to see my quality. I can guarantee you'll be thrilled.

How long does it take?

The day you get started by placing a $300 deposit I will set you up in my system and I can start working with you immediately. Moving through the prototype stage involves doing sketches, a carving and a final painting. Even with some changes and revisions that process should be completed within four weeks if not sooner. Production takes a little longer but I can always air ship a couple of boxes to you. Production can be completed within 8 to 12 weeks. You can see an easy to understand Step by Step process of what will happen when you get started.


- Can I get a discount if I order higher quantities?

Yes, of course. I am set up as a manufactuer so my pricing gets very inexpensive when you order 500 pieces or more. I can do as little as 250 bobblehead (or even a little less) but your pricing will start to drop considerably at 500 pieces and up. If you get a quote here, I can send you pricing on a range of quantities showing you the comparison between each quantity stage.

- Is shipping expensive?

I ship in thousands of bobbleheads a month. I make your bobbleheads, load up a big shipping container and import many orders at one time. All of that shipping is included in the cost of your bobblehead. I land my container of orders on the west coast, USA and then ship out your order from there. You pay shipping from Los Angeles (for example) to your doorstep. The goods are already cleared in to the country, free of any import fees. Bobbleheads are pretty heavy so depending on the quantity you choose, shipping should stay within $ 0.25 - $ 1.00 per bobblehead for orders over 1,000 pieces.

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