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My 5 Point 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

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My Five Point 45 Day - 100% RISK FREE OFFER
I am so confident that you will be thrilled with the quality of service you will be receiving, that I would like you to try my services, risk free for 45 days. What this means, is that you can start with me here at and not worry about choosing the wrong manufacturer. I will only need a few days to convince you I am the best company to work with, but you will have 45 days to decide.

In other words you can try my Services RISK FREE!

NUMBER ONE Service to Your Satisfaction !

  • Get Your Quote
  • Email me back, and ask us for the 'Getting Started' information.
  • Place your deposit and get your project started.
  • Be critical of my service, and if you are not thrilled, then ask for all of your money back, with no hassles.

NUMBER TWO Your Bobblehead Will Be High Quality - Guaranteed
Listen, I've been doing this for a long time. If I told you that I've never had a quality issue in the past, I would be lying. When I began I had some crappy results from my workers. I paid for my mistakes and have fine tuned my system to over deliver on quality. I have worked so hard to build a unique system of quality checks that I can guarantee your bobbleheads will come back looking fantastic. My team is focused on quality so much so that I guarantee it.

NUMBER THREE No Surprise Invoices Guaranteed
You can feel comforted knowing that when your bobbleheads arrive, you will not be surprised with new bills. I invoice you for the amount you owe for the product, and the amount you owe for shipping. There are no other fees unless you choose upgrades or accessories. In the past I have received calls from people asking us what they can do, because they chose our competition to make their bobbleheads aiming to get a 'low price'. As the goods are delivered the customer receives a steady stream of invoices.

These invoiced items include;

  • duty
  • customs
  • brokerage
  • processing
  • DDC
  • and other surprise charges

I guarantee you will not get any surprise invoices after the order is done. If any extra charges crop up, after you have paid your final invoice, I will pay it Guaranteed!

NUMBER FOUR Your Bobblehead Will Be A Truly Unique and Custom Product

You will be thrilled to know that every design and every bobblehead I make is 100% truly unique and custom. Some companies out there will have you pick a body to stick your head on. I don't do anything like that.

Every order is started from scratch and hand carved by one of my accomplished artists.
I do not take a stock item and just stick your head on it.

Your bobblehead will;

  • include unique design features
  • be an original sculpted design
  • not be copied for any other customer
  • qualify for a legally binding copyright

Your bobblehead will be truly unique and custom made, or I will give you $500. Your design will never be made for anyone else, for any reason.

NUMBER FIVE Final Approval Guarantee
You will get final approval at every stage. Each stage will not move forward until you give the go ahead. At each stage, I will get your feedback, and see if I am moving in the right direction. You will get full approval rights at the;

  • sketch stage
  • revision stage
  • prototype stage
  • prototype revisions
  • production stage
  • production revisions

If your approval was not received before moving on to the next step and I am unable, to go back to that step, I will pay you $500 Guaranteed! You will have full control over your project, Guaranteed.

Now there is a down side to Guarantee #5. Some clients keep making changes and then are surprised that it's taking so long. I can't move forward without your 100% approval at each step.

TERMS OF SERVICE: Please read through our terms of service for information pertaining to your orders.