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The Basic Steps Are:

1 - Gather your ideas:

I get excited starting a new project because I get to learn about your needs and help put together the information I need to make the best product for you that I can. If you have a clear idea on what you want, then you should Get A Quote on your own custom bobble head. If you need some inspiration then take a look in my gallery of past bobble heads. You will need to figure out how much detail (the complexity) you want on your bobblehead and base. You may want it simple or more complex.

With the information you gather, I can be sure of what you want and save you some extra steps later. Think about how many bobbleheads that you'll need. Don't forget you'll need some as giveaways, promotional gifts and for sales. . You can always change your mind later on how many you need but figure out the quantity range you would consider, such as 250; 2,500 or 25,000 pieces. This can help me determine the best method to serve you.

You will need to think about whether you would like a normal figurine (head doesn't move) or a bobble head type figurine. Throughout my website and the quote that I send to you, I use the words figurine and bobbleheads. There is no cost difference but they are designed differently so you'll have to decide. I can help you decide based on what you want to do with the figurine, and how you plan to market, giveaway or sell the item.

You should think about the size of the figurine, where it will be used and how it will look. A typical bobblehead is 7" tall. We can help with the rest.

At this Step you should know;
- the size (7" is typical)
- the quantity (250, 500, 1,000)
- the complexity (simple, medium, complex)

Your ideas can be turned in to a bobble head too !
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2 - Get a quote on your idea:

With the information you've gathered I can give you a very accurate bobble head quote. You should have an idea of the level of detail, the size and number you are thinking about ordering. I can provide a quote based on this information. Your quote will include everything right up to local ground shipping. Of course, if you change the details during the project, the quote will change but I will

I quote local ground shipping separately since it can vary depending on if I a shipping a full container up to your dock level warehouse, or shipping a few boxes to your high-rise office. Everything else is include. You can upgrade with additional accessories, if you wish, at an additional cost, but I will be sure to detail what is included and what is not.

3 - Get a prototype:

You have thought about your idea, received a quote, and now that you are comfortable with me and my pricing, it is time to get a prototype. Typically, the first step is for me to do some sketches for you to determine the look on paper (it will be an image emailed to you, but you know what I mean). Now is the time to work for you and I to work out your ideas on paper. I can email you black and white sketches, and then send you color sketches when those are approved.

With the sketches approved, and all of your ideas included, I will carve a 3D clay model of your idea. This will be a representation of your sketches. Obviously there are minor interpretations from a flat image to a full 3D model so this is the time to work out the look of your bobble head.

It is important that you review the shape of your carving carefully. If you approve it, and I have to go back later to change something - there will be an additional charge for a new mold. This can be avoided by getting all your ideas in the sketch and the carving. With the carving approved, it will need to be painted. The carving is all brown clay, so it doesn't look like it will in the end. A mold has to be made, a real bobble head is poured in and the final product is painted. It's a lot of work, but when that part is done and approved we're ready for production.

Your prototype will be photographed for my records, and then sent to you so that you may look it over from all angles. It is always interesting, because you will have seen many versions on your computer screen before this, from images I have sent you. You may be surprised how great it looks when it's sitting in front of you. When you're zooming in on a computer screen, you see all of the details included with a hand made product. When you get the physical bobble head in your hand, you can't zoom in, so the quality really shines.

You can make changes to the painting and colors before going in to production.

Your ideas can be turned in to a bobble head too !
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4 - Go in to production:

This is the most exciting time. With your prototype approved and your quantity chosen, I will guide you along the steps to go in to production. Basically, you'll pick a quantity, we'll agree on the final price and start production. I will send you one last sample off of the line so that you can be sure that the order will be completed as you intended.

Bobble Head Accessories 5 - Pick Accessories:

I have many ideas on how to make your custom made bobble head doll just a little bit better. Your options enhance the look, feel and overall value of your bobblehead. Adding some touches can turn a great product in to an extraordinay product. Some basic accessories are, air shipping, cardboard hangtag, printed box, and many more.

View my available accessories »

6 - Delivery, Right on Time!

I will produce the quantity you have chosen, pack your bobble head in a custom plastic clamshell packaging for safety and then in to a cardboard box with a window. Your bobbleheads are then packed and then shipped to you. I will walk you through each step, update you weekly, like clockwork and make sure you know what's happening every step of the way. When you receive your bobble heads I will make sure that everything was to your liking and I will of course look forward to your re-order because I know that your product will be a success.

Don't take my word for it. Read what my client feedback and have said about their experience.

It's Easy!


Your ideas can be turned in to a bobble head too !
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